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Augusta Ky Nursing Home in Bracken County
Bracken County Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, a 32-bed skilled nursing facility, is just 45 miles from the greater Cincinnati area located approximately two miles off AA Highway in the rural community of Chatham, Kentucky. Meadowview Regional Medical Center, conveniently located in Maysville, Kentucky, is only 15 miles away. Bracken County Care & Rehab provides a homelike atmosphere staffed by caring professionals. The facility offers a comprehensive approach to healthcare and a wide array of short-term and long-term skilled nursing services. The warm family feeling of Bracken County is a result of our ongoing commitment and dedication to wellness and healing.


Ina Perkins was the owner and founder of the original facility that is now known as Bracken County Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. In 1932, Ina Perkins became widowed with two small children to rear. Having previously cared for an elderly family member, Mrs. Perkins made the decision in 1938 to begin taking elderly people within the community into her home in order to support both her children and herself.

At that time, Mrs. Perkins took people in her home for a mere $15 per month. That $15 was for room, board, and care for 24-hours a day. Initially, Ina cared for seven residents. She supplemented her income by raising chickens, selling fresh eggs and dressed chickens, and making cakes by special order. Later, she worked at the infirmary as well for fifty cents per day. In 1954, due to regulations passed by the state of Kentucky regulating the care of the elderly, the first addition for patients was added. The west wing that was added in 1954 housed twenty patients. In 1964, the original home was torn down to add the kitchen, dining room, two wards, and laundry facilities. In 1969, additional rooms on the personal care unit were constructed. The final addition of the building was built in 1980, and it added 32 nursing home beds.

Ina Perkins’ business began inside the walls of her little home in Chatham. Because of her hard work and determination, along with the help and support of her children, Harold and Virginia, the facility known as Bracken Center was founded. Today it is known as Bracken County Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.